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Feel free to browse our most commonly asked questions below. At the end of our FAQ page, you can also submit your own questions for Ryan Krane!

1. What is corrective exercise?

Corrective exercise is a form of physical training that restores postural alignment by eliminating muscles imbalances and movement compensations, subsequently allowing the body to work perfectly together without pain. To read more about corrective exercise and how it can help you, visit our corrective exercise.

2. What types of pain can corrective exercise solve?

Corrective exercise can help solve pain just about anywhere in the body. If you have pain or body aches in your feet, knees, back, shoulders, or neck, corrective exercise can help erase these issues. Specially-formulated corrective exercise training programs correct and maintain muscle balance, posture, strength, and flexibility.

3. Why do I have chronic pains & aches?

Most chronic pain is the result of muscle imbalances that lead to movement compensations. When your body compensates for imbalances it adopts an unnatural posture that causes stress on the compensating muscles. This is just the beginning of pain: each movement compensation leads to new muscle imbalances, causing the aches and pain to spread to neighboring muscles and joints.

4. Do I need to be in Los Angeles to take The Krane Training Method ™

Fortunately, no, you do not need to be in Los Angeles to benefit from The Krane Training Method ™. We enjoy working with clients in-person at our Los Angeles headquarters, as long as you have computer access and a phone, they you can to participate in The Krane Training Method ™ regardless of where you live. We'll Skype to better health!

5. How long will it be until I can live pain free? How soon until I feel results?

Most of our clients report that they feel results in their first session of The Krane Training Method ™, but each individual has their own healing process to achieve a pain-free life. Your recovery depends on your initial level of pain, how often you do your corrective training exercises, how your body reacts, and your own personal goals. Pain is truly a subjective measurement, but you will likely feel a noticeable difference within a few sessions and a lifelong improvement in your range of motion if you continue on the program.

6. Would I need to continually undergo corrective exercise to relieve my pain?

We recommend that you continue with The Krane Training Method ™ techniques and exercises until the problems initially diagnosed are fixed. Once the pain is eliminated, we recommend that you continue routine maintenance training in order to prevent aches and pains from returning.

7. Would you be able to offer the program to a group, or is it just for individuals?

The Krane Training Method ™ is available for individuals, couples, and group training. For more information on how to set up group courses or if you're looking to train as an individual or couple, contact Ryan Krane directly at

8. How will corrective exercise improve my life?

Corrective exercise can help improve your life in many, many ways. In a nutshell, after participating in a corrective exercise training program, you can count on decreased pain, more energy, the ability to resume exercise, greater ease participating in recreational and daily activities, improved posture, a larger range of motion throughout the body, as well as renewed confidence and ability. You will truly move better, feel better, and live better.

9. Are there any age limits to take corrective exercise training?

Corrective exercise training is perfect for any age group. The Krane Training Method ™ is a customized program that accommodates all physical levels, ages, and learning styles. Individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds can learn how to keep their bodies pain-free and in prime condition with our proprietary approach.

10. Is corrective exercise helpful for sports?

We have worked with professional and amateur athletes and can say with 100% confidence that correct exercise greatly benefits sports performance. In addition to learning techniques to avoid injuries/compensations, athletes will acquire increased confidence to play their sport as well as the ability to recover faster after challenging games and matches.

Do you have your own questions about corrective exercise, chronic pain, The Krane Training Method ™, or anything else? Submit your own questions below and we will respond to you via email ASAP:

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