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No one likes pain, but many people live their day-to-day lives haunted by chronic body aches. Luckily, corrective exercise exists to banish pain using custom-designed fitness techniques that restore the body's natural positioning.

Chronic pain is caused by months, years, and even decades of incorrect body positioning. After years of misuse, your muscles become weak in some areas and overly tight in others, causing imbalances within the body that result in pain and aches. Additionally, muscle imbalances are systemic: the more you have, the more you are likely to develop as your body continually adjusts to incorrect alignment.

In this way, what started out as shoulder pain is quickly joined by neck pain, then back pain, and eventually pain in all areas of your body!

Discovering the true source of pain and eliminating it at its source is the most efficient method of eliminating chronic pain for good. By correcting body form through a variety of techniques and exercises based on improved strength, flexibility, and postural alignment, pain will gradually ease as the body regains its proper form and function. You will move better, feel better, and live better.

The Krane Training Method ™ is a customizable, expert-designed corrective exercise program created to relieve chronic pain, improve athletic as well as daily performance, and enhance the quality of your life. After identifying pain triggers and sources, The Krane Training Method ™ corrects your body's muscle imbalances and compensations, leaving you feeling refreshed after each program session and putting you on the path to recovery from pain. The six-week corrective exercise program is available for any age or fitness level - join Ryan Krane on the road to better health and a pain-free life!

To learn more about this corrective exercise program, visit our page on The Krane Training Method ™.

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David Ephraim said:

"Ryan Krane is one of the best, and he brings something totally new to the table with corrective fitness and exercise. I play a lot of tennis and my lower back has taken the toll. Ryan helped me realize I was not paying enough attention to so many important areas. Little did..." Read More

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