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Need a Dynamic, Interactive, Enthusiastic Speaker? Call Ryan Krane Today!

If you are looking for an energetic motivational speaker for your next seminar, meeting or event, stop now! Meet Corrective Exercise Specialist Ryan Krane, creator of the Krane Training Method™. Over the years, Ryan has helped individuals of all ages “Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better” by improving their posture and range of motion, strengthening their muscles and relieving their chronic pain.

Based in the Los Angeles area, Ryan will travel to your venue of choice, and will customize his topic to fit your audience. Some of his more popular topics include: “Sitting at Your Desk is a Pain in Your Neck”, “5 Ways to Conquer Chronic Pain”, and “5 Exercises to Fight Fatigue”.

Ryan’s relaxed and engaging manner make him a hit with any age group. He has spoken to audiences at sports events, attendees at business events, and seniors as well as professional and amateur athletes and coaches. To make the event interactive, Ryan brings exercise equipment with him and usually asks for an audience member to participate.

Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association as a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist) and CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), Ryan is a much sought-after public speaker. He has been featured on the Living with Hope. His in-person appearances include a promotion for the American Heart Association’s Start Training Program, a half marathon training and fundraising program, the USPTA (U.S. Professional Tennis Association) Convention, and programs at the Mountaingate Country Club, and Lululemon Run Club. Ryan is also affiliated with Perform Better, a leading supplier of fitness products and equipment.

To find out how Ryan can inspire your group to “Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better”, call (310) 962-5927 or email Ryan at

Ryan offers presentations designed to inform office workers of common causes of pain and simple, easy-to-perform exercises to combat even the most persistant pain. His presentations can dramatically impact your employees' health and wellness, resulting in significant productivity gains.

Chronic pain is a known culprit of absenteeism and reduced productivity among office workers. In fact, employees with ongoing pain problems are either absentor working at reduced productivity more than 90% more frequently than those who do not struggle with pain.

Presentations can be custom-built for your office, or you may choose from popular speaking topics:

1. What is corrective exercise?
Corrective exercise is a form of physical training that restores postural alignment. When muscles imbalances and their related movement compensations are eliminated, the body is allowed to (or just "can") work perfectly again, without pain. To read more about corrective exercise and how it can help you, visit our corrective exercise.

2. What types of pain can corrective exercise solve?
Corrective exercise can help solve pain just about anywhere in the body. If you have pain or body aches in your feet, knees, back, shoulders or neck, corrective exercise can help erase these issues. Specially formulated corrective exercise training programs correct and maintain muscle balance, posture, strength and flexibility.

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Ryan partners with the American Heart Association to help fight pain

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Pam Free said:

"This is amazing work! I just had my assessment and first session. I have had so much bodywork done in my life, Feldenkrais, Alexander, Rolfing, Structural Integration, the works! I have always been fascinated by postural alignment. What Ryan taught me today did more than a ..." Read More

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