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Kenzie Kaplan, New York

"I have been struggling with chondromalacia in both knees for a few years now, and I have not been able to see any steady, evident progress until I started seeing Ryan. What sets him apart from other therapists in this field is that he is so specific with what he wants to see corrected, and knows how to communicate that to me so that I can produce and recognize the results myself. I recently moved to New York, and Ryan has been so accommodating with making sure the time difference and our hectic schedules do not get in the way of my improvement. Our Skype sessions are just as informative and useful as when we have met in person! He is so diligent in checking up on me and caring for my well being, both during and outside of our sessions, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a healthy recovery or improvement in their daily lives"

Kristin Morris, virginia

“I found Ryan by self-diagnosing my imbalances and googling for articles written on them. Through one session that we did virtually, Ryan connected every single main imbalance, pointed out the sole one that was causing them all, and explained how the chain of imbalances bred my injury.

He's an attentive, thorough, direct, well-educated trainer that makes his training approach truly individual. He'll give you a chance to guess and provide input about your body, encourage and welcome questions while keeping a firm guide on progressing through the session, and check to ensure the pace and depth of training is working for you.

In short, I am so thankful that he pinpointed the underlying problems that injury rehabilitation was too narrow to address. I would trust and recommend anyone to Ryan Krane- his knowledge, approach, holistic awareness, and dedication to both his clients and his craft are so supporting, so effective, and uniquely unmatched."

Pam Free, california

"This is amazing work! I just had my assessment and first session. I have had so much bodywork done in my life, Feldenkrais, Alexander, Rolfing, Structural Integration, the works! I have always been fascinated by postural alignment. What Ryan taught me today did more than a ten session series of Rolfing could do ;-) Incredible!"

Javi Arango, california

"When I walked in that day I was feeling stiffer than usual and I felt it immediately in my squat. I felt tension throughout my body. Then Ryan suggested massaging my right calf with a tennis ball. After only about 30 seconds of it, I got up and tried the squat again. This time, I did it with more ease than ever before. The change was stunning. It was unlike anything I would have expected. Whenever I have a session with Ryan, I know that I will feel better when I walk out than I did when I walked in. Through his inventive and refreshing exercises, I train the muscles that I need, and finish feeling great. Ryan not only trains me on a physical level, but also educates me on technique and anatomy. After his sessions I feel dynamic and relaxed, and always walk out with a smile on my face."

brit dunbar, california

"I came to Ryan with the intent to get back into shape. A friend highly recommended him, but really emphasized that Ryan specialized in working with injuries. I didn't have any injuries, so I dismissed that part. I met with Ryan for my initial assessment where he asked me about any past injuries or chronic aches and pains. I told him about the chronic lower back pain that I experience every day from being on my feet for hours in the OR, but I thought it was due to a pinched nerve. Ryan had me hold my arms straight over my head with my feet shoulder width apart and squat down a few times. He observed that my right knee pushed inward while my right foot lifted up and out to the side to compensate. After doing some stretches on a foam roller we tried the squats again and my knee and foot stayed centered. He went on to explain that it wasn't that my muscles were weak, they were tight. The tightness in my leg muscles were causing the pain in my lower back. Since that day and from working on the stretches he showed me, I have not experienced any back pain. I'm still in awe because the pain used to be constant and after that one session, Ryan eliminated it. I'm very impressed with his knowledge in and enthusiasm for health and fitness. His training is worth every penny."

david ephraim, california

"Ryan Krane is one of the best, and he brings something totally new to the table with corrective fitness and exercise. I play a lot of tennis and my lower back has taken the toll. Ryan helped me realize I was not paying enough attention to so many important areas. Little did I know my hips and feet were a big part of the problem. Within a few weeks not only had my back improved but so has my posture, my leg strength, my shoulders, and my calves. I have learned to stretch better, breathe better, and ultimately all this translates to a better tennis game for me. I now have much more strength and endurance to play longer, and the day after is now pretty much painless."

Alec Traub, california

"Anytime I train with Ryan I know at least five things are going to happen:

1. He is going to teach me
2. He is going to suprise me
3. He is going to push me
4. He is going to identify problems and correct them
5. I'm going to enjoy it

A session with Ryan transcends a mere workout, it is a total body experience where you learn about what your body is doing, why it is doing it and what you need to do to improve its overall well being. During my latest session with Ryan I complained of neck and shoulder pain, where I figured the problem lied within those body parts. In a matter of seconds Ryan was able to watch my movements and determine that the problems started elsewhere and ended up affecting those areas. Then in a matter of moments after some stretching and corrective exercises, he was able to improve my flexibility, engage areas of the body I don't even think I knew I had, and ultimately relieve that pain and tension!

After our session, as I was walking to my car in the parking lot, I truly felt as if I could hurdle cars to get there! Ryan is so knowledgeable, patient, focused and truly loves what he does. Helping people to feel better isn't only his job, it is his passion and it shows. Working with Ryan is one of those you need to see it to believe it kind of things! I also left my latest session calling Ryan, "The Magic Man."

Ellen Breslin, california

"I have been working out with Ryan for almost six months. When I got started with Ryan he did an assessment with me. I checked my balance, my flexibility and my overall physical condition. I have been exercising for over 25 years and no one had ever done anything like that with me before. He just ran the same assessment on me after almost six months and the results were just incredible. I was stronger in certain areas, I had more flexibility in other areas. It was just amazing!! Another quality about Ryan, he is %100 there when he is training you. Some trainers are looking around or not paying attention to you. Not Ryan, he doesn't take his eyes off of you. I feel very lucky to have ended up under his care. I know that I have gotten stronger and I look forward to continuing with him for a long time.

Hope you decide to join forces with him as well."

Casey Spira, california

"By working out with you these last couple of years I have increased my endurance, flexibility and core strength. As you know, I've had several injuries that you have successfully treated, including my achilles and my lower back. The corrective exercises you have advised me to do have really helped. My achilles is now 95% back and my lower back pain is gone."

Zeke Greenbaum, california

"After playing lacrosse for much of my life, I suddenly stopped and became one of the couch potatoes growing less strong and less flexible by the day. After a year, I found a passion to work out again and play tennis, but didn't know where to start. Then I met Ryan Krane and with his coaching technique and "how to", he got me back from a year of a slump and improved my overall strength, flexibility, posture, and tennis game by using his knoweledge in corrective exercise. With Ryan I was able to drop lbs and body fat, while being able to work out athletically and enjoy myself. Awesome! Thanks Ryan!"

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Kristin Morris said:

“I found Ryan by self-diagnosing my imbalances and googling for articles written on them. Through one session that we did virtually, Ryan connected every single main imbalance, pointed out the sole one that was causing them all, and explained how the cha..." Read More

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